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Laura // 23 // Canadian

If you're in a sci-fi/fantasy, I probably have a crush on you.

✖ Adventure Time ✖ || KINOKO19
✖ Adventure Time ✖ || KINOKO19


Crazy signs made by THG fans

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“Are there any rules when you come to Earth, on how to behave.” [x]

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Mahiro stop breaking Yohino’s heart.

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AU: Derek is turned into a cat, and while the Beacon Hills gang tries to find a way to turn him back, Stiles is left to take care of him.

“Whawhy me,” Stiles asked in disbelief.

“Because,” mumbled Scott, “my mom is allergic to cats.”

“Allergic? To cats? Or is it more specific, like ugly werewolf-turned-felines?

“Come on, Stiles! I can’t take care of Derek.” He looked at Derek out of the corner of his eye, and whispered, “it’s creepy.”

Stiles raised his eyebrows, “And it’s not creepy for me? Dude, what if he’s,” he lowered his voice, “what if he’s got a shy bladder? Hell, would he even know how to—AHHHH!”


Derek flew threw the air and latched onto Stiles’ face, hissing.

In the next few weeks, this would become a habit.

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This line slayed me. Rick is so sassy.


This line slayed me. Rick is so sassy.

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